What is the percentage of West Virginia students enrolled in colleges?

Answer According to the West Virginia School Board Association's report in 2011, about 40 percent of West Virginia high school graduates enroll in college. The percentage fluctuated between 37 percent and... Read More »

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What is the percentage of China's population enrolled in early childhood education programs?

Approximately 17 percent of the Chinese population is enrolled or has previously enrolled in early childhood education. There are currently 69 million children in China. Compulsory education, inclu... Read More »

Scholarships for Enrolled College Students?

One reason many students go to college is to increase their earning potential in the job market. However, The Boston Globe reports that college costs are higher than ever and are growing even faste... Read More »

Facts about Students Enrolled in Art Classes?

Students who enroll in art classes are taking easier classes compared to their peers who choose math or science courses, according to a finding supported by a 2008 Durham University study. Dedicate... Read More »

How many students are enrolled at North Carolina State?

North Carolina State University had 33,815 students enrolled for the 2010-11 school year, according to the university. The breakdown includes 23,010 undergraduates, 7,991 graduates and professional... Read More »