What is the percent of hydrogen in water?

Answer Water is made up of two parts hydrogen to one part oxygen, but the percentage of hydrogen by weight is 11.1 percent hydrogen to 88 percent oxygen because the hydrogen atoms are much lighter than th... Read More »

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What percent of hydrogen is in the body?

Hydrogen makes up 10 percent of the human body. The body is made up of about 60 different chemical elements. Along with hydrogen, oxygen, carbon and nitrogen make up approximately 96 to 99 percent ... Read More »

What percent of hydrogen fuel is reusable after use?

In one sense, hydrogen is entirely nonreusable after it's been burned, because it combines with oxygen to form water during combustion. In another sense, it's 100% reusable, since the process of el... Read More »

How to Add Hydrogen to Water?

Adding hydrogen ions to water is an important property of acids. When you mix an acid, such as vinegar, in water, molecules of acid lose a hydrogen ion to molecules of water to form hydronium ions ... Read More »

How much hydrogen is contained in water?

Water, with chemical formula H2O, is made of two hydrogen (H) atoms combined with one oxygen (O) atom. Oxygen weighs about 16 times as much as hydrogen. So we have 18 weight units in water of which... Read More »