What is the penalty if i cash in my certificate of deposit early?

Answer On One Hand: Depends on the LengthThe penalty you will pay for taking money out of the CD early will vary depending on the length of the CD term. For example, a CD with a term of two to 12 months m... Read More »

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How to Cash an Old Stock Certificate?

Sometimes a person inherits an old stock certificate or discovers one in family papers. Determining if it is of any value may be a bit of a challenge. If you find yourself in possession of such a s... Read More »

Is a certificate of deposit considered cash?

A certificate of deposit (CD) is not considered cash, but it is considered a cash equivalent. A CD provides quick access to your cash, gives a stable rate of return and increases short-term securit... Read More »

Is Cash From a Capital Investment Loan a Negative or Positive on a Cash Flow Statement?

Cash from a capital investment loan is recorded by two different organizations. First, the organization that is lending the money will record the loan in its books. Second, the organization receivi... Read More »

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