What is the penalty for trespassing?

Answer If you do not have permission to be on the property, you are committing criminal trespassing. While the crime falls well short of the most serious offenses, trespassing can still carry some stiff p... Read More »

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Penalty for Trespassing in Ontario?

In Ontario, you can incur several penalties for trespassing. A sign does not have to be posted in order for you to be considered in violation of the Trespass to Property Act in this province. If yo... Read More »

Criminal Trespassing Vs. Civil Trespassing?

We've all seen the signs reading "NO TRESPASSING." We do not, however, know the type of trespassing the signs reference. There are criminal forms of trespassing and civil forms of trespassing, an... Read More »

Trespassing Act?

Canada established the Trespass Act to prevent any individual from entering a property that does not belong to them. The Trespass Act gives the property owner authority over his property and allows... Read More »

Kentucky Trespassing Law?

Entering a property that does not belong to you, either intentionally or accidentally, is trespassing and you are liable for any damages that result. In Kentucky, trespassing is most prevalent duri... Read More »