What is the penalty for taking pictures of the abused kids by the abuser?

Answer it all depends on your local laws, and what type of photos are involved. if, horrificaly, they are of a lewd or provocoative manner, and depending on the age of the children involved, id say the pe... Read More »

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Why would the mother of a sexually abused adolescent protect the abuser?

Answer This is more common that one would think. Mothers are still just women, and sometimes loneliness and the fear of rejection are her top priority. They sometimes don't feel they can support... Read More »

Why do abused teens feel the need to fight the abuser ALL the time even if they're not doing anything?

Answer Anger. Often it's a response to feelings of rejection, equating the abuse with a sense of being emotionally rejected by the abuser. Anger is a common response by a depressed individual. Esp... Read More »

What are some ways that kids who are abused are abused?

Is it normal for an abuser to yell at the TV and is he just trying to con you and should you not buy it if you see an abuser on a talk show who seems genuinely interested in changing?

Answer yes i beleave that onces an obueser always an obuser they may ack nice and loveing and say they want to change and they may be sincer about it but it is very unlikely that they will there is... Read More »