What is the penalty for stealing an income tax check?

Answer Stealing government property is never a good idea, but that is exactly what you are doing when you steal an income tax check. Although the money belongs to an individual taxpayer, the check itself ... Read More »

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What is the penalty for stealing a street sign?

Stealing any kind of sign is a serious offense. While this theft could pass as a misdemeanor in some cases, if the missing road sign causes a serious accident, then you could face more serious char... Read More »

How much is the penalty for underpayment of income taxes?

United States law requires corporations, citizens and resident aliens to pay taxes depending on their level of income. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) will penalize you for nonpayment or underpa... Read More »

How Much Colorado State Income Tax Can I Owe Without a Penalty?

If you owe Colorado state income tax but can't afford to pay your entire tax liability when you file, you might wonder exactly how much the state requires you to pay to avoid a late payment penalty... Read More »

What is the late penalty for not paying income tax in Canada?

The penalty for not paying income tax in Canada is 5 percent of the balance of income tax owed. In addition, 1 percent of the balance owed for each month is added.References:Canada Revenue Agency:... Read More »