What is the penalty for stealing a street sign?

Answer Stealing any kind of sign is a serious offense. While this theft could pass as a misdemeanor in some cases, if the missing road sign causes a serious accident, then you could face more serious char... Read More »

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The Negative Effects of Street Sign Stealing?

Signs which are put up on streets are meant to direct drivers on the road or advertise different things or hazards. People have been known to steal these signs as they can become unique types of de... Read More »

What is the penalty for stealing an income tax check?

Stealing government property is never a good idea, but that is exactly what you are doing when you steal an income tax check. Although the money belongs to an individual taxpayer, the check itself ... Read More »

What penalty will I get if I sign my spouse's name on our federal tax return?

A joint return is one in which a married couple reports its combined earnings. They are both liable for the tax debt associated with those earnings. A joint return is invalid unless signed by both ... Read More »

What does a yellow street sign mean?

A yellow street sign denotes a warning of upcoming dangers or changes to road rules. Examples of yellow street signs include school areas, railroad crossings, merging lanes, bike lanes and intersec... Read More »