How to Recognize a Kidnapping?

Answer The world can be a creepy place.Unfortunately, kidnappings are on the rise in the U.S. and many other countries as well. A majority of the time, it happens right under people's noses! Don't be quic... Read More »

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How come parents don't get in trouble for kidnapping their own children?

Often they do. A parent can be charged with kidnapping if they take the child without the other parent's knowledge or consent.

Is Joseph kony still kidnapping today?

The whole kony thing is fake. this kony 2012 thing is fraud, or a scam. I think they are making up names so people will donate money. According to the web, kony is still alive and kidnapping , just... Read More »

Not saying adoption is kidnapping; but why was this woman kidnapped as an infant?

LOLZ at " adoptee is raised (I assume, hopefully) by a family who is sane and raises the baby like it's theirs; they have a mind-set from the beginning that it's THEIR baby. Kidnappers? Don't... Read More »

What is a critical window related to child kidnapping?

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