What is the penalty for insuring your car in another state?

Answer AnswerYou probably won't get caught until you have an accident. Then you will discover that all the premiums you paid have just been a gift to the insurance company and you HAVE NO COVERAGE. In add... Read More »

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Can you get sole custody of your child if mother took the baby to another state left the child there while she moved on to yet another state?

Your situation is very complicated. You need to make an appointment with an attorney who specializes in custody issues, who can review all the details of your situation and explain your rights and ... Read More »

If you have insurance on your car from another state what happens if you do not change the insurance to the new state you live and work in?

Answer If you have made this new State your primary residence state, your insurance company may require after one year that you register your car and your license in your new state. The auto insura... Read More »

Can you get arrested if your license is suspended in one state&you get caught in another state?

You can get arrested for driving in another with a suspended license. State motor-vehicle agencies submit information to the National Driver Register about drivers who have revoked or suspended lic... Read More »

If you are in the military and stationed in another state do you have to change your auto insurance to that state?