What is the penalty for a forged signature on a quit-claim deed?

Answer Forging a signature on a quit-claim deed results in serious legal consequences. The ramifications of a forged signature on a quit-claim deed include prosecution, jail time and fines.SignificanceA f... Read More »

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What is the Penalty for Forgery of a Quit Claim Deed?

Like other deeds, a quitclaim deed conveys title from a "grantor" or owner to a "grantee." Unlike other deeds, a grantor has no legal liability if the title is flawed in some way. Conveying title w... Read More »

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If you have quit smoking or are trying to quit, what is your biggest challenge?

Hi warren.. congrats on that time its impressive.. i have been free for over 5 years now.. after smoking for more than 40 years.. the thing that worked for me was a support group.. the biggest chal... Read More »

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