How to Fly a Halo Pelican?

Answer Have you ever envied ECHO 419 or KILO 23 as they flew off into the distance with their Pelican in the game HALO?If you have, follow these simple steps and in a short amount of time, you will be fly... Read More »

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How to Feed Pelican Babies?

There are at least seven known species of pelican found worldwide, with the smallest of them, the brown pelican, being the most common in the United States. In the wild, baby pelicans reach into an... Read More »

Pelican Bird Habitat?

Along coastal watersheds, a pelican's majestic flight into the air always captures an avid birdwatcher's eye. A pelican's natural habitat forms the cornerstone for this bird family's survival. Loca... Read More »

How to Fix a Pelican Xbox Controller?

The Pelican Xbox 360 controller is a third-party-developed accessory for the Xbox 360 console system. The controller is made from cheaper materials, so the cost of the controller is cheaper than st... Read More »

How to Get My Pelican Wireless Joystick Working for the PS2?

A company called Pelican makes a wireless joystick (also called a controller) that works in conjunction with Sony's PlayStation 2 gaming system. This controller allows you to move anywhere you want... Read More »