What is the papal flag?

Answer According to flag information website Metro Flags, the Papal Flag is the national flag of the Vatican City, home of the Roman Catholic religion. Although the Vatican City is located within Italy it... Read More »

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What is a papal flag?

The Papal Flag is the flag that represents the papacy and the Vatican state. It is also called the Flag of the Vatican or the Flag of the Holy See, according to U.S. Flag Manufacturing.Early versio... Read More »

What is a papal blessing?

When individuals who belong to the Catholic church reach certain milestones in life, they may turn to members of the clergy to receive a papal blessing.Papal BlessingA papal blessing is believed to... Read More »

What is a papal prince?

The papal prince, technically known as the prince assistant to the papal throne, is part of the Curia, the papal court, a retinue composed of Roman nobles who served the pope in the fashion of a ty... Read More »

What is papal rule?

Papal rule refers to the ruling powers held by the pope of the Roman Catholic Church. Based at the Vatican in Rome, the pope oversees the Church and its diplomatic affairs. The term "Holy See" is o... Read More »