What is the panda's natural habitat?

Answer Pandas have long been one of the symbols of the conservation movement due to their endangered status as well as their unique appearance and appeal. Though their numbers are still far from safe leve... Read More »

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Natural Habitat & Man-Made Habitat Differences?

Man-made and natural habitats refer to environments where several species live. How these environments are built up is different, but they both sustain life. A natural habitat is untampered with by... Read More »

What Is an Eagle's Natural Habitat?

The Hinterland Who's Who website says that of the 59 eagle species that exist worldwide, only the bald eagle and the golden eagle inhabit North America. The bald eagle, the national symbol of the U... Read More »

Chameleons' Natural Habitat?

Chameleons are slow-moving, tree-dwelling lizards known for their color-changing properties and their long, sticky tongue. Depending on the species, they can range from 3 to 27 inches in length. Th... Read More »

Where is the griffin's natural habitat?

As a mythological creature, many writers like the historian Herodotus have attributed different locations to be griffin habitats. Typically, the fictional griffins have lived in mountain areas wher... Read More »