What is the pH of zeolite?

Answer Different zeolite types crystallize at slightly different pH values. The range of values is quite small, falling roughly between 11.3 and 14.1. Mordenite crystallizes at lower values while faujasit... Read More »

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What is NCD Zeolite?

NCD Zeolite is a product sold and marketed by The product itself is a liquid made from volcanic, negatively-charged minerals. Because of its negative charge, NCD Zeolite, when consumed,... Read More »

What Is Y Type Zeolite?

According to the University of Tulsa, a Y-type zeolite is a crystalline mineral synthesized from sources of sodium aluminate and sodium silicate. It is used in petroleum refinery cracking units to ... Read More »

What is zeolite powder?

The mineral zeolite forms from the slow crystallization of volcanic rocks and ash entering lakes and seas. Zeolite is the only mineral that is negatively charged, and--with its porous structure--i... Read More »

What are the dangers of zeolite?

Zeolites are natural, negatively charged volcanic minerals. They look like crystals, and are used to make cat litter, laundry detergent, soil treatment and detoxifying treatments. The dangers of ze... Read More »