What is the pH of pine needles?

Answer Pine needles usually have a pH of 6.0 to 6.5, which is only slightly acidic. This makes them suitable for mulch, contrary to common myth. Normal rainwater tests at 5.6, and a pH reading of 7 is con... Read More »

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Can you use pine needles instead of spruce needles in beer?

The Scottish Highlanders commonly used both pine and spruce to make beer until the end of the 19th century. Springtime shoots are added during the manufacturing process, not the needles from a matu... Read More »

Facts About Pine Needles?

Prim Pines explains that there are over 100 species of pine tree in the world, and every pine tree grows thousands of needles over its life cycle. These pine needles vary in size and shape, but the... Read More »

When do pine needles fall?

Pine trees lose needles in autumn. Pine trees shed the oldest needles closest to the trunk, while retaining newer needles on the outer area of the branches. Pine trees can retain their needles for ... Read More »

Removing Pine Needles?

MASTER GARDENER.... jealous!Wow! I would kill for what you want to toss out! You are very lucky. DON'T do anything. What you see is just what Mother Nature wanted you to do. We had beautiful g... Read More »