What is the pH of household ammonia?

Answer The pH level in household ammonia falls in the range of 11 to 12. The pH is basically a measure of the acidity of any given solution. pH is ranked on a 1 - 14 scale with 1 denoting extreme acidity ... Read More »

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Is household ammonia the same thing as ammonia cleaner?

Household ammonia is a strong chemical that can be used in gardening and cleaning both at full strength and diluted. Ammonia cleaners, such as window cleaners, contain other chemicals and are only ... Read More »

How to Use Ammonia for the Household?

Ammonia is a household cleaning agent that can be used on nearly any surface in the home. The ammonia contains natural disinfecting and deodorizing agents that will kill germs and keep the home odo... Read More »

How do I buy household ammonia?

AdditivesDetermine the type of ammonia needed. Some ammonia has additional cleaning chemicals already added to perform a specific cleaning duty. These cleaners include various grease cutters and an... Read More »

How do i use household ammonia as fertilizer?

Determine your soil's acidity level by using a pH test, available at plant nurseries and garden stores. If the soil is alkaline in nature--between 7 and 14 on the pH scale--the ammonia will not fun... Read More »