What is the pH of dishwasher powder?

Answer Dishwasher powder is alkaline, normally around the pH of 9-10.

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Powder Is Not Dissolving in a Samsung Dishwasher?

Samsung dishwashers use rotating spray jets to clean dishes. For heavily soiled items, some Samsung dishwashers have a "StormWash" feature, a wheel near the bottom rack that scours difficult-to-cle... Read More »

Is it ok to put normal washing powder in a dishwasher?

Oh God, NO! They dishwasher will overflow and you'll have a floor full of soap suds. Normal dishwasher tabs and liquids are low-sudsing. Just hand wash them in the meantime until you get get to t... Read More »

Should you use powder or liquid dishwasher detergent?

"Well, it depends on what kind of vacuum bags you are looking for. They usually range from 10 to 50 dollars.

How to Dissolve Caked on Dishwasher Powder?

When a dishwasher's cycle doesn't complete or other issues prevent the dishwasher powder from dissolving it can cake or clump together in the dispenser. A poor seal on the dispenser door, inadequat... Read More »