What is the pH of dishwasher powder?

Answer Dishwasher powder is alkaline, normally around the pH of 9-10.

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Local lidl stops w5 3kg dishwasher powder what know?

Is it ok to put normal washing powder in a dishwasher?

Oh God, NO! They dishwasher will overflow and you'll have a floor full of soap suds. Normal dishwasher tabs and liquids are low-sudsing. Just hand wash them in the meantime until you get get to t... Read More »

Powder Is Not Dissolving in a Samsung Dishwasher?

Samsung dishwashers use rotating spray jets to clean dishes. For heavily soiled items, some Samsung dishwashers have a "StormWash" feature, a wheel near the bottom rack that scours difficult-to-cle... Read More »

How to Dissolve Caked on Dishwasher Powder?

When a dishwasher's cycle doesn't complete or other issues prevent the dishwasher powder from dissolving it can cake or clump together in the dispenser. A poor seal on the dispenser door, inadequat... Read More »