What is the output of this pseudocode?

Answer It's 10^27 as shown by this bit of python code: a = [10,2,2,2] p = a[0] for i in range(1,len(a)): temp = p for j in range(a[i]): p *= temp print p 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 The problems... Read More »

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Can i run 3 monitors with my ATI 6700 HD series it has a HDMI output and a dvi and vga output all in one card?

Input 0 output 2 input 1 output 4 input 2 output 6 input 3 output 8 input 4 output 10 please find the rule?

What power output does a computer USB port output?

USB ports on personal computers and laptops are intended to allow "plug-n-play" convenience for a variety of peripheral hardware items, including keyboards, mice, printers, monitors, sound devices ... Read More »

If your LG TV only has an optical audio output and the DVD player only has an optical output can you hook it up like that and will it work?