What is the outcome of using an idea for which a patent is pending?

Answer Using an idea for which a patent is pending may not be wise for a variety of reasons, but not because of patent laws. In the United States, the fact that a patent is pending has no legal effect.Pat... Read More »

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How to Patent an Idea?

A United States patent is a property right granted to an inventor by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). The right prevents others from making, using, offering for sale, or selli... Read More »

How to Patent Your Idea?

Do you believe you have come up with a unique and useful idea that can be turned into an invention? If so, you are likely wondering what to do next in order to protect your great idea. While the an... Read More »

How do i patent an idea?

Many individuals spend time throughout their day brainstorming new ideas, inventions or processes. Sometimes these ideas may come at random moments. Either way, it's important to seek the proper pr... Read More »

How do i get a patent for my idea?

Inspiration has struck, and you want to protect your fledgling idea until it can be realized. In the United States, a patent serves as legal notice that you own the rights to make, sell or use your... Read More »