What is the origination fee for mortgages?

Answer The mortgage broker origination fee for a mortgage loan is 1 percent of the amount of the loan. That covers the loan company's cost of processing your loan and their business-related expenses.Reaso... Read More »

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Are origination fees on reverse mortgages set by fha?

The origination fee associated with a reverse mortgage is set by the originating lender, which may or may not be FHA. However, if the borrower is purchasing a FHA reverse mortgage, the origination ... Read More »

How to Calculate an Origination Fee?

When taking out a loan, sometimes the lender will charge a loan origination fee. This is the fee used to cover costs of creating the loan. These costs include creating the loan and closing the lo... Read More »

Are origination fees tax deductible?

When purchasing a mortgage or refinancing one, many borrowers look to deduct some of the closing costs from their tax bill. However, the only cost associated with a mortgage closing that is tax ded... Read More »

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