What is the origin of water birth?

Answer Preferences for childbirth vary greatly. Most women who deliver a child via water birth like their decision. Water has been used to aid in the birthing process for centuries.LegendsThe earliest re... Read More »

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Is a drug free water birth safer than giving birth in a hospital room?

no because it does not have all the doctors and nerses in it

Is giving birth painful for a 13-year-old girl who desperately wants a water and natural birth?

Using water in your labour, and having a 'natural' birth will greatly increase your chances of having a rewarding, positive and less painful birth. Having a water birth will help lessen your chance... Read More »

How do you maintain temperature of water during water-birth?

When you finish running the bath then stick your elbow to test how warm it is because its no good using your hand because your hand can take in more heat then your elbow. Try not to keep your baby ... Read More »

What is the origin of bottled water?

A brief history of bottled water in AmericaWhile it seems simple enough to credit (or blame) bottled water’s recent popularity on clever marketing, the industry also has a foundation in a history... Read More »