What is a universe?

Answer The word universe meaning all (or all as one(uni=1)) is everything around us. Impossibly big to imagine, this is all the galaxies and planets and stars ever catalogued and more. Some people believ... Read More »

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What is the equation to the universe?

I'm in the US and I can answer it just fine. The equation is E=MC2.

What is Stargate Universe about?

Stargate Universe chronicles the adventures of an exploration team ~ see related link below .

What Causes Stars to Form in the Universe?

Stars -- great, burning masses of hydrogen and helium -- turn slowly through space, recycling the matter of the universe as they go. The formation of a star is part of a cycle of birth, death and r... Read More »

If the UFO are exist in the universe what would the NASA do?

Tell everyone and watch their budget take off like a rocket! I assume by "UFO" you really mean "Alien Spacecraft". UFO just means "I saw something in the sky and I myself don't know what it was". n... Read More »