What is the origin of the toboggan hat?

Answer Toboggan hats or caps are named after the runnerless sled of the Canadian Algonquian people. The long, knitted hat used while tobogganing is derived from the French Canadian toque used since the 15... Read More »

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What Should I Wax my Toboggan With?

Toboggans can begin to slow after a certain amount of use because their running surfaces become less slick. To fix this and keep your toboggan running faster and longer, you should use bee's wax or... Read More »

Who invented the toboggan?

Native Americans invented the toboggan sled. The Cree, Innu, Chippewa and Ojibwe all used toboggans. The word "toboggan" comes from the Native American language of either the Micmac or the Anishina... Read More »

How to Build a Toboggan Hill?

Everyone loves tobogganing! Especially so when it is right in your own back yard or local spare field. Follow these simple instructions to create your own tobogganing or sledding hill.

How do i build a wood toboggan?

Toboggans are simple, rudderless sleds made out of wood, aluminum or plastic. Toboggans are noted for having a curved front. Building your own toboggan from wood can save you money, as larger ones ... Read More »