What is the origin of the surname Polzin?

Answer Many European surnames reflect an individual's occupation or status in the communities where they lived and worked. Polzin is a Russian surname first given to people who worked as merchants or busi... Read More »

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What is the origin of the surname Orr?

The surname Orr may come from one of two places. One is from the river and city Orr, which is in Scotland. The other source of the name Orr may be from the name "Or," which is a border or boundary.... Read More »

What is the origin of the Rettich surname?

According to the website HouseofNames, the surname Rettich is of German origin and is an alternate spelling of Rathke, which was derived from the Middle Low German word "redik," which meant "radish... Read More »

What is the origin of"Santiago"as a surname? states that the surname Santiago originated in Portugal and the historic Galician area of Spain. It is derived from places with churches named after St. James, or "Sant Iago."Source:An... Read More »

What is the Origin of the Surname'Leedy'?

The surname 'Leedy' is of British origin. According to the House of Names, the surname comes from when the Leedy family lived in Leeds, a well-known town in the West Riding of Yorkshire. The name i... Read More »