What is the origin of the name scylla?

Answer Scylla is a name that finds its origins in Greek mythology. It is sometimes given as a first name to females.Mythological OriginAccording to the Greek mythology recorded by Roman poet Ovid, Scylla ... Read More »

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What is the external conflict and resolution of the following Calypso -Lotus eaters -cyclops -Circe -sirens -Scylla and Charybdis -and cattle of the sun god?

Calypso -The external conflict with Calypso is when she was having an affair with the married Odysseus and she wanted him for herself. The resolution came when Athena begged Zeus to allow Calypso t... Read More »

Does Scylla have any other siblings?

What is the origin of the name Mia?

The name, Mia, is of Danish, Hebrew, and Swedish origin. It is a variation of the name, Maria, and means bitter or uncertain. Mia is a feminine name used in Danish, English, and Swedish-speaking co... Read More »

What is the origin of the name Jim?

The name Jim, which is most commonly used in English- and Dutch-speaking countries, is a popular boy's name in the United States, particularly in California, Texas and Florida.Middle Ages OriginThe... Read More »