How much land did Louisiana lose from Gustav?

Answer Using satellite imagery, the United States Geological Survey, or USGS, took measurements of the land loss along coastal Louisiana after Hurricane Gustav on September 1, 2008, and Hurricane Ike less... Read More »

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How much are old Gustav Emil Ern butcher knives worth?

The value of a vintage Gustav Emil Ern butcher knife will depend on the condition and the size of the knife. For example, a 19-inch knife cost about $44 and a 12-inch knife was around $43 at online... Read More »

TH Family: Gustav injury pictures online!!?

I hate to look @ those pictures it just makes me want to break down =/Why do all this stuff happen to gustav! & the other boys!? Why them! Why why why why why why why why why.I think(HOPPPEE!!) he ... Read More »

(TH Family!!!) Did you guys see this... Bill & Gustav dancing..?

Haha nice! lol& i think that is a cigarette... Bad Bill!! Don't you know what that will do to your voice?? DD:- - - edit :::@ GameGal... lol, Pixie Stick?? Do they even have those in Germany-land??... Read More »

Tokio Hotel Family: Gustav's attacker...?

It would be more around $680 because of the conversion rate, but I'm glad it's all resolved now, and the guy has a criminal record now so he'll have a lot of trouble in the future. He probably regr... Read More »