What is the origin of the name for gadolinium?

Answer Gadolinium is named for the Finnish chemist Johan Gadolin, who discovered the element from which it was isolated. In 1794 Gadolin discovered yttria, a new earth, or element in oxide form, which was... Read More »

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When is gadolinium used?

Gadolinium was discovered in the 1880s, but it was not used in any products until recently, according to Vector Vision. Gadolinium is a naturally occurring element found in bastnasite and monazite.... Read More »

Where does gadolinium come from?

Gadolinium is a rare earth metal obtained from the minerals monazite or bastnasite. Trace amounts can also be obtained from the mineral gadolinite. On the periodic table, its symbol is Gd.Source:Lo... Read More »

How many neutrons does gadolinium have?

To find the number of neutrons in gadolinium, take its atomic weight, rounded to the nearest whole number (157), and subtract its atomic number (64). Gadolinium has 93 neutrons.SourcePeriodic Tabl... Read More »

How many protons does gadolinium have?

Gadolinium has 64 protons.SourcePeriodic Table of the Elements: Gadolinium