What is the origin of the name Jade?

Answer The name Jade is both a female and male name and is of English origin. It means "precious stone." Jade is derived from the Spanish phrase "piedra de ijada," meaning "stone of the flank." The name J... Read More »

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How Does Alaskan Jade Differ From Chinese Jade?

Alaskan jade is one of many types of green rock bearing the sometimes misleading title of jade. As a gemstone, jade is broadly separated into two distinct classes: jadeite, which is the Chinese for... Read More »

How to Buy Jade?

Good fortune is reputed to accompany jade, but not even buying directly from markets in jade's native home of Asia can guarantee quality stones. Many sellers are marketing stones that have been pro... Read More »

Does jade and beck really go out?

Yes, Jade and Beck do really go out. Why the heck would you ask this question in the first place?! Please use proper grammar. ("Do Jade and Beck really go out?")

What is imperial jade?

Imperial jade is a valuable, naturally occurring mineral that has been used for centuries in expensive jewelry and carvings. Imperial jade is considered the most valuable type of jade.FeaturesImper... Read More »