Knowing that Heather Trott will be murdered in her flat by Ben Mitchell in a shocking new Eastenders storyline how will Ben Mitchell actually kill Heather Trott?

Answer He hid her dinner!!

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Uses for Scottish Heather?

Heather is an evergreen shrub with dainty pink or white flowers. It is native to Scotland and suited for temperate and cool climates. The plant blooms summer through fall, and the flowers often re... Read More »

Does Heather get voted off TDI?

Erm, yes and no. She leaves the game but does not technically get voted out. She left when she failed to do her dare in the second-to-last episode.

What is the heather flower?

the Heather flower is a shrub that can be grown and is normally the color purple.

Y&R What do you think of Daniel and Heather?