What is the origin of the name Dogpile?

Answer Dogpile's name comes from the fact that the website supports the rights of animals. It is a search engine that harvests results from Google, Yahoo, Ask and Live Search. Everytime someone uses the t... Read More »

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How to Add a Site to Dogpile?

Dogpile is a web search engine. However you may find that it is not easy to submit a URL address to this search engine because it uses metasearch technology to gather results from Google, Bing, Yah... Read More »

How to Add an Address to Dogpile?

Dogpile is what's known as a "metasearch engine." Unlike a traditional search engines, such as Google, metasearch engines don't use crawlers to gather direct information about the material publishe... Read More »

How to Add My URL to Dogpile for Free?

They say that if you can't play with the big dogs, stay on the porch. Dogpile not only wants to play with the big dogs, but this search engine wants to be the alpha. Dogpile only displays the top I... Read More »

How do I See What Other People Are Looking at on Dogpile?

Dogpile is a popular search engine that compiles results from Google, Yahoo, Bing and Ask. In addition, it is also possible to search for daily deals, images, videos and news. Because Dogpile is a ... Read More »