What is the origin of the name Allah of Islam?

Answer According to The Interactive Bible, the name "Allah" derived from the combination of "Al" and "Ilah." In origin, the name is Arabic. "Al" translated to "the," and "Ilah" translated to "god." Trans... Read More »

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Does a woman change her name when married in islam?

According to Islamic tradition, a Muslim woman does not change her family name when she marries. However, the same Islamic tradition determines that her children will carry their father's last name... Read More »

How to Be Closer to Allah?

This is how you be an good Muslim if you don't know how to.This is an nice way to get good deeds and go to heaven.

What is the origin of the name Bao?

The name Bao is rooted in the Chinese language and means "treasure" or "bud." An uncommon female name, it's English equivalents of Biff, Bo, Bud and Babba are typically male names.References:Baby N... Read More »

What is the origin of the name Hus?

The name "Hus" could be from any one of several nationalities. In German, it means "house" and is a status name for a householder. In Czech and Slovak it means "goose." The name is also found am... Read More »