What is the origin of the name Allah of Islam?

Answer According to The Interactive Bible, the name "Allah" derived from the combination of "Al" and "Ilah." In origin, the name is Arabic. "Al" translated to "the," and "Ilah" translated to "god." Trans... Read More »

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How to Be Closer to Allah?

This is how you be an good Muslim if you don't know how to.This is an nice way to get good deeds and go to heaven.

Special Festivals to Worship Allah?

Muslims around the world have festivals that involve fasting, feasting, exchange of wishes and other important rituals. Al-Hijra, Muharram, Eid Milad-un-Nabi, Lailat al-Mi`raj, Ramadan, Eid-ul-Fitr... Read More »

How does the Hijab show devotion to Allah?

A hijab is a head cover worn by Muslim women and can also be referred to as a general style of dress worn by Muslim people. It honors Allah in its modesty, by making a point that the body is sacred... Read More »

How to Learn More About Islam?

Here is how to learn more about Islam.