What is the origin of the legend of Atlantis?

Answer Plato (427 - 327 B.C.) originated the legend of Atlantis when he mentioned its disappearance and high culture in his Critias and Timaeus dialogs. He based his tale on Solon's account from about 200... Read More »

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Is the movie little vampires better then twilight, since it kept the myth of vampires?

I assume you mean "The Little Vampire" 2000No but also yes (well kind of)The "No":There is no such thing as a "myth of vampires" or a correct myth of vampires. The commonly known myth of vampires i... Read More »

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What is the name of the 'Wizards vs Vampires' Saga Part 4?

What was the song used at the end on Moonlight episode 101-There are no such things as vampires?

The song was My Immortal, from the album Fallen by Evanescence