What is the origin of the lazy Susan?

Answer Former U.S. President Thomas Jefferson is credited with inventing the lazy Susan, according to the Internet Public Library. The invention, described as a revolving tray or similar structure by Dict... Read More »

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What is a lazy Susan used for?

According to Merriam Webster's Online Dictionary, a lazy Susan is a revolving tray used to serve food, relishes and condiments. The revolving table eliminates the necessity of picking up dishes of ... Read More »

Where did the name"lazy Susan"come from?

Though the exact origin of the name is unknown, the first written account of a lazy Susan was in a 1917 issue of "Vanity Fair," where an advertised piece of furniture was described as a “Revolvin... Read More »

Who invented the Lazy Susan?

The Lazy Susan is a rotating tray often used to store spices. Larger Lazy Susans serve as shelving units. According to the Los Angeles Times, there is debate as to who invented the Lazy Susan. Some... Read More »

Where did the phrase'Lazy Susan'come from?

It is not fully known where the phrase "Lazy Susan" originated, although there are theories. The revolving tableware device was originally known as a dumbwaiter, and received the Lazy Susan name on... Read More »