What is the origin of reggae& calypso music in Nigeria?

Answer Reggae music in Africa has been strongly influenced by the works of Bob Marley and the reggae music from Jamaica. Sonny Okosun is considered the grandfather of Afro-Reggae. The pattern, beat and rh... Read More »

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What is the origin of reggae& calypso music in Jamaica?

Jamaica has a long and distinctive musical history. Two of the prominent music styles to come out of Jamaica are calypso and reggae. Both styles of music played important roles in the island's his... Read More »

How did calypso music originate?

Calypso is a music style of the islands of the West Indies and has its roots in the Carnival season of Trinidad, according to "National Geographic."OriginsCalypso originated from drumming and stick... Read More »

How Did Calypso Music Start?

Calypso music has a rich and unique history. Started by slaves, the musical genre is a result of creativity, passion and a desire to relate to each other. Forced into a situation they did not choos... Read More »

Where did calypso music originate?

Calypso music, "one of the Caribbean's classic African-derived styles," originated on the islands of Trinidad and Tobago off the coast of Venezuela, according to National Geographic. Calypso music ... Read More »