What is the origin of croissants?

Answer The croissant has its origins in Austria in the 17th century. One popular legend states that the shape of the croissant was chosen to celebrate a defeat over the Turks. Regardless of the truth of t... Read More »

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What are croissants made of?

Croissants are made of laminated dough, which is created though a process known as turning. The turning process involves encasing butter in two layers of dough, then rolling the dough out. The roll... Read More »

What pastry is croissants made of?

With its crisp exterior and soft interior, a croissant is a cross between a yeasted pastry and a puff pastry. Similar to danishes, croissants are made by repeatedly folding butter into layers of do... Read More »

How to Make Croissants?

These buttery and flaky French breakfast treats take a long time to prepare from scratch (with several bouts of rolling and refrigerating). Yet, when made by hand, they are quite irresistible. Be c... Read More »

How are croissants made?

Croissants are a pastry that have a distinct shape. Made from only a few basic ingredients, these breads are a light and airy treat.IngredientsCroissants are made from a pastry dough comprised of b... Read More »