What is the origin of contact lenses?

Answer The history of contact lenses goes back 500 years to Leonardo da Vinci. German inventors developed the first actual lenses over a century ago. Modern methods have made contact lens more comfortable... Read More »

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Where can I go to get a contact fitting and contact lenses?

An optician, an optical store can sure help you. You don't need to know anything but only how to take care and apply your lenses. It can discomfort your eyes for the first few days you put. You hav... Read More »

What are RGP contact lenses?

According to an article submitted to, RGP contact lenses, or Rigid Gas Permeable lenses, transmit more oxygen to the wearer's eye. Unlike the "hard contacts" of the 1970s, RGPs a... Read More »

I accidentally used hydrogen peroxide cleaner for contact lenses on my contact lens. Did it ruin my lens?

It is a little unclear what happened, it sounds like you used peroxide contact cleaner for re-wetting solution or something like that. This stuff is made to clean contacts, how could it ruin them, ... Read More »

What are toric contact lenses?

Toric contact lenses treat astigmatism, which is a condition where the cornea is not perfectly spherical, causing distorted vision. Both soft and gas permeable toric contact lenses require fitting ... Read More »