Do all bowling alleys have midnight bowling?

Answer Though midnight bowling is popular at many bowling alleys, it is not available at all bowling alleys. Some centers close earlier than others. For example, the Sundance bowling alley in Minnesota cl... Read More »

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What is a handicap in bowling?

In bowling, a handicap is a number added to scores so that playing with differing skill levels compete on an equal level. It is usually determined by subtracting the average of an individual or tea... Read More »

What is lawn bowling?

Lawn bowling is different from the US term "bowling." In lawn bowling, players stand on a green and roll palm sized balls towards a jack or kitty rather than down a lane towards pins such as in ten... Read More »

What is the mass of a bowling ball?

The maximum allowed weight for a bowling ball is 16 lbs., according to the equipment specifications of the United States Bowling Congress. There is no minimum weight for bowling balls.References:20... Read More »

What are bowling alleys made of?

The materials used in bowling alleys or lanes have changed over time. The alleys used to be made of wood. Now, many companies that construct bowling alleys are using phenolic synthetic materials. I... Read More »