What is the origin of Baltic amber?

Answer Trees around the Baltic Sea had resin fossilize 37 to 42 million years ago. The fossilized resin, amber, got into the Baltic Sea, where it collected into deposits near the Bay of Gdansk.Source:Amer... Read More »

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Information on Baltic Amber?

Amber is tree resin that has dried and fossilized over a long period of time, sometimes tens of millions of years. The range of what is referred to as Baltic amber extends from the east coast of B... Read More »

I found about 30 lbs of pine resin on the beach. It is clear amber color but not hard enough to be amber.?

Well, if it is hard enough to make into jewelry, then sell it to a jeweler, remind him that he can sell most anything to us American Tourists, really he can.Are you sure that it is Pine Resin and ... Read More »

What is the temperature of the Baltic Sea?

The temperature of the Baltic Sea is around 35 degrees C in the winter and 62 degrees C in the summer. Around northern Sweden, the Baltic occasionally freezes over in the winter. Nevertheless, scie... Read More »

What country is the Baltic Sea in?

The Baltic Sea is a brackish Mediterranean Sea that is surrounded by countries in northern Europe and the Scandinavian Peninsula. The countries with shoreline on the Baltic Sea include Denmark, Est... Read More »