What is the origin name of the element tungsten?

Answer According to Schenectady County Community College, tungsten comes from the Swedish "tung," meaning "heavy," and "sten," meaning "stone." The element's chemical symbol, W, comes from the German "wol... Read More »

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What is the Latin name for the element tungsten?

The Latin name for tungsten is wolframium, which comes from the German name for this element, wolfram. Tungsten's symbol on the periodic table of elements is 'W' and its atomic number is 74. It is ... Read More »

What family name is the element nickel in?

The element nickel is in the transition metals family on the periodic table of elements. Nickel has the symbol "Ni" and an atomic number of 28. The transition metals are conductive, transmitting bo... Read More »

What is the family name of the element titanium?

The element titanium belongs to the Group 4 (IVB) family. It is considered a transition metal. Titanium is often used in alloys to make the metal very hard. Titanium alloy is used in spaceships, je... Read More »

What is the origin of the name Amy?

The girl's name Amy derives from the Old French "Amee," meaning beloved. Amee itself was originally a nickname for the Latin name "Amata," from the Latin "amare" or "to love." Amy was the name of o... Read More »