What is the optimal tempareture of the 8800gts 512 ?

Answer As low as possible...70-80 is ideal for aircooling, you don't want to get any higher than that, even though it can tolerate 100+ degrees, but I wouldn't recommend that. Unless you can do watercool... Read More »

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What is the optimal temperature for a Sub-Zero refrigerator?

The optimal temperature for a Sub-Zero refrigerator is 38 degrees Fahrenheit for the refrigerator zone and 0 degrees Fahrenheit for the freezer zone. Bacteria growth occurs most rapidly in temperat... Read More »

What is the optimal speed for the best fuel economy?

No optimal speed exists that gives the best fuel mileage on every car, according to the U.S. Department of Energy. However, going between 50 and 60 miles per hour generally helps a vehicle achieve ... Read More »

What Temp Should My Refrigerator Be for Optimal Saving?

Refrigerators are a vital appliance in almost every home and can be used to store a wide variety of food items. Refrigeration helps save many items from spoiling, especially perishable items such a... Read More »

What is optimal capital structure in corporate finance?

Optimal capital structure is the best debt-to-equity ratio possible for a company. The best debt/equity ratio will minimize capital costs, therefore creating a larger profit margin. Optimal capital... Read More »