What is the opposite of add?

Answer In mathematics, the opposite of add is subtract. Addition and subtraction are inverse operations. That is, adding an amount to a number, and then subtracting the same amount, results in the origi... Read More »

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What is the opposite of headphones?

are a audio output device that allows audio to be played from them

What Are Opposite Rays?

Euclidean geometry is full of surprises. You might think there's not a lot to say about such simple concepts as points, lines, angles and circles, but the elegant beauty of mathematics is the endle... Read More »

What is the antonym for opposite?

According to the dictionary, the word "opposite" means "unlike," "differing," "in contrast to," "adverse" or "completely different." Antonyms for opposite include "compatible," "like," "likeness," ... Read More »

What is the opposite of titration?

Titration is the gradual adding of measured amounts of one substance to another to elicit a reaction. The opposite of titration is to quickly add estimated, not precise, amounts of one substance to... Read More »