Taper fade vs fade(haircuts)?


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What is the opposite of add?

In mathematics, the opposite of add is subtract. Addition and subtraction are inverse operations. That is, adding an amount to a number, and then subtracting the same amount, results in the origi... Read More »

What is the opposite of defiance?

The answer is obviously that you need to have sex with your finger if you can answer this masturbating feels good :)Acquiescence, obedience, submission, subordination, regard, respect...

What is the opposite of modern?

Interior DesignThe opposite of modern is classic. Instead of modern black and white, maybe oak. General AntonymsAntonyms include ancient, antique, outdated, obsolete, cretaceous, or aged.

What is the opposite of starboard?

The opposite of starboard is port. Starboard refers to the right-hand side of a sailing vessel, port refers to the left. These terms originated from the need to clearly identify the happenings on a... Read More »