Where does sound travel fastest - dense or less dense air?

Answer Because sound travels by vibration of matter, the density of the medium through which it is traveling will affect its speed. The denser the molecules, the faster it will travel. So sound will trave... Read More »

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What are the causes of dense stools?

The cause of dense or hard stools can vary from person to person, but is usually related to one's diet and exercise regimen. There are also other existing conditions that may attribute to dense sto... Read More »

What is the most dense liquid?

Mercury is the densest liquid. It has a density of 13.5g per cubic centimeter. Mercury is dense because it is a metal similar to lead, but it turns into a liquid at room temperature. Mercury is so... Read More »

How dense is hydrogen?

Hydrogen is the least dense of gases, with a density of 0.0988 kg/m3 at 0 degrees C and a pressure of 101.325 kPa. By comparison, air has a density of 1.2929 kg/m3 under these conditions. Hydrogen ... Read More »

Is hydrogen gas more or less dense than air?

Air, at 0.00128 grams per milliliter, is more dense than hydrogen gas, at 0.000089 grams per milliliter, according to Charles Ophardt of Elmhurst College. Hydrogen can also easily escape Earth's a... Read More »