What is the only move in chess that involves two pieces of the same color?

Answer Castling is the only move in chess that involves two pieces of the same color. In castling, the king moves two spaces either to the left or right, and the rook with which he is castling moves into ... Read More »

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Can all chess pieces move backwards except for the pawns?

Every chess piece except for the pawn is capable of backward motion. The pawn can only be moved forward one square, except for in the opening move, when it can move forward vertically one or two sq... Read More »

How many chess pieces are there?

There are 32 pieces in a standard chess set. Each opponent has 16 pieces, consisting of one king, one queen, two rooks, two bishops, two knights, and eight pawns. The chessboard is divided into 64 ... Read More »

How to Know the Value of Chess Pieces?

Chess pieces are assigned point values for their importance in game. This value often translates into advantage or disadvantage based upon the positive or negative relational values between the two... Read More »

How to Make Chess Pieces?

Chess sets designed in the Victorian Era, called the Staunton style, are specified as acceptable for competitions by the rules of chess. You COULD hand carve Staunton style sets; or, just for fun (... Read More »