Traits That Characterize the Pig As a Mammal?

Answer Pigs are mammals that can be found in the wild, on farms and even as pets in some family homes. These animals share many characteristics with human beings, which are also mammals. The qualities tha... Read More »

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What do you do if you need braces but insurance will only pay a small portion of it and you cannot afford the rest?

What can a desktop computer do that an ipad CANNOT doWhat can a desktop computer do that an ipad CANNOT do?

You mean difference between a laptop that an ipad cannot do?For one, you can't game on an iPad. I dont mean those silly app games, I mean real games. Such as Crysis, Black ops, Battlefield, ACB, et... Read More »

Can you jump start a car battery with the positive only?

You cannot jump start a car using only the battery's positive terminal connection. To get power for ignition, you must make a full circuit between the dead battery and the charged battery, with pos... Read More »

What Can I Do in Excel That I Cannot Do in Word?

Excel can do several things that Word can't, including offer you formulas for statistical analysis and other math projects, format numbers with a single click, filter out values and apply formattin... Read More »