What is the only food that does not spoil?

Answer sugar and salt if that is a food?honeypeanut butterPICKLED SHALLOTSlove from your friend Elle xx((hugs))P.S. my picture has changed but it is still me x

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Is it true that leaving canned food in the heat for a while will make the food inside spoil?

Tuna is actually canned and then cooked while it is in the can (saw it in food network). I wouldn't worry about sardines getting spoiled in a can. Most caned goods are good to extreme temperatures,... Read More »

Am i the only one that doesnt like washing with bar soap?

I got rid of the bar soap years ago. Liquid are easier to rinse off and soap scum doesn't build up

BBUK10...Am I the only one that doesnt believe ANGEL is Russian...?

yes kim, i totally agree with you, i have been saying this since launch night.The tagline for this year's show is 'Everything is not as it seems'!!! i believe angel is a fake housemate, that accent... Read More »

What types of food won't spoil quickly?

honeybiscuitspreserved jellies and jamsdried beefdried fruits canned sardinescanned beans