How to Make a Kandi Kid Backpack With Only a Stuffed Animal?

Answer these are cute animals that can definitely work.Kandi backpacks are cute, creative, and very fun to make! This article will show you how to improvise an ordinary stuffed animal into a cute kandi ki... Read More »

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Problems with my knees?

Clicking, locking, and giving way are all symptoms of torn meniscus cartilages. It is possible that your menisci have been damaged. When you go for an annual exam, explain your symptoms and ask t... Read More »

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I would say no. Most people always seem to be flexing their knees throughout the day and whilst doing a variety of duties.

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Should i throw out the jeans with the ripped knees and the hole in the *** that shows everyone my underwear...?

are you outta your mind - god they can still be saved with a few safety pins - a good look by the way yes yes the more flesh and undie seen the better