What is the oldest you can be to join the armed services?

Answer what is the oldest age to enlist in the armed services as medical personal

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How old do you have to be to join the armed services?

In the U.S., you can join any branch of the military at age 17 with your parents' consent. If you don't have your parents' consent, the minimum age is 18.References:US Army: Discussion Forums

Minimum age requirements to join armed services?

The minimum age of enlistment is17.5, but you have to have a parent or legal guardian to sign for you, and you must be a high school graduate (or expected to graduate within six months of enlistmen... Read More »

Can a convicted felon on parole join the armed services?

No. Convicted felons may join the military (in limited cases), however only after the completion of their sentence and they have been released from custody. Parole is still a form of custody, and t... Read More »

Do you have to join the armed forces to join the coast guard?

The Coast Guard is a branch of the US Military, so yes.