What is the oldest you can be to join the Army?

Answer The maximum enlistment age for the Army is 42. This limit was raised twice in 2006---first jumping from 35 to 40 and then from 40 to 42. The limit was raised to expand the recruiting pool and allow... Read More »

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Oldest age to join the army?

35 yrs. old. older if you are prior service.

Can an army retiree join the army reserves?

Yes. If you have had prior military service, you may be eligible to join the Army Reserve after meeting certain requirements. Enlistees may be no older than 39 and must be healthy and in good physi... Read More »

What is the oldest you can be to join the US military?

Why join the people join the army?

People want to join the Army because they may like shooting and being in wars and helping people saving their lives from the others.They wanto to have a good experience in their army career and may... Read More »