What is the oldest verifiable use of the term "mass collaboration"?

Answer On December 15, 1957, the Los Angeles Times noted that "Comedy writing is often a mass collaboration."But the New York Times was using the phrase even earlier -- in 1935 and 1936, linked below.Inte... Read More »

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What is the oldest you can be and collect long term disability?

This assumes that you are referring to a private disability policy. Most such policies terminate benefits at age 65, as it is then that the insured would be entitled to Social Security benefits.

Is Wikipedia a reliable source Are its information verifiable?

Of Course. Its The Best. I guarantee that its the best.I use it for everything id do. 9.5 out of 10 for any kind of research.

What type of front is formed when a cool air mass displaces a warm air mass?

Fronts occur where two different air masses meet. When cool air displaces warm air, it's called a cold front. Cold fronts are able to keep up their intensity over great distances and tend to bring ... Read More »

What Are Collaboration Tools?

Collaboration tools help collaborators such as colleagues, students and peers work together in professional and personal project-based settings. Some of these online tools require real-time attenda... Read More »